Are you motivated and enthusiastic? Want to be the best you can be?

Have you considered an internship?

An internship is typically a one-year position in one of CVS’ referral hospitals and is designed to provide you with your first steps towards clinical specialisation within the profession. You will be exposed to referral level practice and, through assisting the clinicians and helping to care for the referral patients, you will learn more about what is involved in referral practice.

Perhaps you already know that you want to pursue a career path towards specialisation, in which case an internship will enable you to apply for residency training positions. Perhaps you are curious to learn more about what can be offered in gold standard facilities and are considering whether specialist practice would be right for you. Either way, an internship will be a valuable year of experience that will enhance the way you practice veterinary medicine for the rest of your career.

CVS offers both rotating and specialised internships. Rotating internships give you exposure to a broad range of specialist disciplines and are suitable for candidates who have not undertaken an internship previously, who want to improve their depth of knowledge and who wish to go on to specialise. Specialised internships are aimed at those who have previously undertaken a rotating internship and wish to explore their chosen subject of interest in more detail prior to undertaking a residency training position.

CVS has state-of-the-art referral hospitals across the country in many beautiful areas. If an internship is for you, check out our referral centres on our website and sign up for job alerts. Our internships are matched to CVS new graduate salaries and currently (2018/9) these are £30,900 for rotating internships and £32,960 for specialised internships.


An accredited residency training post is the gateway to becoming a boarded veterinary Specialist.

At the moment, residency programmes are accredited by either the European or American Veterinary Specialist Colleges. Such accreditation requires certain standards of qualified supervision, appropriate facilities and equipment and a suitable caseload. We have accredited residency training posts at several of our referral centres and we are developing more where we can.

Residency training posts are highly sought after and we advise talking to us early if you are thinking about this career path. Entrants to residency programmes must have completed either a rotating internship or two years in good quality veterinary practice.

If you are interested in a residency programme with us, sign up to CVS job alerts. Our current (2018/9) resident’s starting salary is £41,200 in year one, rising to £43,775 in year two, and £46,350 in year three.

NB: For both internship and residency programmes you must be a qualified veterinary surgeon with a degree registrable with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

COVID-19 Update

Our practices are open and providing routine, urgent and emergency referral care for your patients. We continue to work safely with social distancing and a combination of telephone consultations and on-site examinations. GP vets should contact our referral centres directly for clinical advice on cases.