FREE Clinical Advice from CVS Specialists

We want to help GP vets through this difficult time, so we are offering a FREE-OF-CHARGE clinical advice service from a team of 50 of our Specialists and Referral Clinicians. During this COVID-19 lockdown period – you can access free advice by completing the simple request form below.

The purpose of this service is to support GP colleagues in TRIAGE DECISION-MAKING after performing TELE-CONSULTATIONS.

As vets, you have the knowledge, experience and judgment to make these decisions the vast majority of the time. Sometimes, however, you might appreciate a bit of Specialist-level support. Our referral clinicians are used to advising colleagues, and are well-placed to offer this kind of advice and support.

Our CVS referral centres  can also be contacted directly to advise on potential referrals. For more complicated cases that require more in-depth review and more expansive advice, Vet Oracle Telemedical offer consultations and reports in neurology and MRI reporting, diagnostic imaging advice and interpretation, and cardiology ECG/Echo interpretation. We have just launched Telexotics as part of the Vet Oracle services. This new service can be contacted by email at

* Please try to ensure you will be available when called

COVID-19 Update

Rest assured… we will continue to provide telephone and video consultations for all patients and urgent and emergency care for your clients and their pets. We are also offering a FREE ADVICE SERVICE TO GP VETS.