George graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (University of London) in 2011 and has always had a keen interest in small animal surgery. He completed his final year research project investigating complications in small animals following different approaches to the thorax, and completed his elective in small animal surgery before graduating.

Following graduation George completed two years at Active Vetcare and then moved onto a busy hospital for a year in Runnymede. He joined Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital in 2015 where he studied towards his designated certificate in small animal surgery. He completed his synoptic exam in early 2018 and has been continuing to develop his surgical skills since.

George is interested in a wide range of surgical cases including management of stifle disease (cranial cruciate ligament rupture and luxating patella surgery), fracture repairs and hip luxations. He also routinely performs laparoscopic spays and is happy to perform other laparoscopic procedures such as liver biopsies and lap assisted gastropexy. He is also happy to perform a range of soft tissue procedures.

If you have a case you specifically would like to speak about then please do not hesitate to contact George to discuss this further.