Jemma graduated from the University of Bristol in 2007. She initial worked in a busy mixed practice in West Wales where she developed an interest in the more unusual pets that are kept. In 2009, she joined Highcroft Veterinary Group.

In 2011, Jemma gained her General Practitioner’s Certificate in Exotic Animal Practice and was commended for her case reports. In 2016, Jemma completed her RCVS Certificate in Zoological Medicine, achieving merits and distinctions for most modules. She gained the RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status in Zoological Medicine the same year.

She has developed the exotic case load at Highcroft from a part-time solo vet to three vets (two certificate holders and one diplomat holder vet) and has helped design the renovation and relocation of the exotics service to a purposely built ward, prep and theatre within Highcroft’s referral hospital. She has presented CPD lectures to vets, nurses, students, owners and hobbyists and is involved in the exotics teaching of student vets and nurses. Jemma is an Official Veterinarian, performing import and export of pet animals and assists the local authorities with inspections such as Dangerous Wild Animal License, Zoo Licences and Breeding Licences.

Jemma has a particular interest in medical work ups of all exotics species, as well as working with owners to optimise the husbandry and diet in order to improve the animal’s health and welfare in the long-term.