Alison graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, in 1998, and then spent 18 months in mixed practice in England. On returning home to Northern Ireland she worked in companion animal practices in Banbridge, Bangor, Lisburn and Hillsborough. She completed her RCVS certificate of advanced veterinary practitioner designated in internal medicine in 2021.

Alison joined NiVS in August 2022 and offers a comprehensive internal medicine referral service. She has a wealth of experience in internal medicine and has access to advanced imaging (ultrasound, fluorocscopy, CT), endoscopy and an excellent internal laboratory with the ability to run full biochemistry and haematology, electrolytes, blood gases, lactate, cortisol, bile acids, T4 and TSH, fPLI, cPLI along with additional support from an external lab when required.

Alison also offers chemotherapy and has the support of our specialist CVS VetOracle telemedicine and teleoncology clinicians if required.  Once a referred case has been fully investigated and a diagnostic and a long-term treatment plan established, Alison is happy to support practices with ongoing management of the case.