Be more

CVS Referrals aims to offer rewarding, fulfilling and sustainable specialist veterinary careers. We are led by experienced veterinary specialists who understand the career path you have chosen and have a similar mind set. We want to recruit the best people and we want to match the best people with facilities and support structures to allow for delivery of first class specialist veterinary care. The culture we set is one of high clinical standards, seeing specialists as responsible clinical leaders.

So, whether you are in your final year of a residency and thinking about your next career move, or if you are a new diplomate looking to take the next step to more independent working but within a supportive environment, or if you are an experienced specialist looking for your next challenge or a leadership opportunity, we aim to provide options for you.

Many specialists enjoy the delivery of excellent veterinary medicine and surgery but they also want other strings to their bow such as teaching, clinical research, committee work or engagement with professional bodies. We understand that to have a fulfilling and enjoyable career, high flyers often need such outlets to provide longer-term career satisfaction to sit alongside the daily reward of clinical work. Being a large, international company means that CVS can usually provide such outlets whether that be undergraduate teaching through our tangible links with veterinary schools, postgraduate teaching through our own CPD activities, clinical research facilitated by our collaborations with academic and industrial R&D groups, engagement with CVS-wide Quality Improvement strategies, or veterinary political activity through our impact and reach within the profession.

So, if you are contemplating your next career move, feel free to contact us: