CVS Residencies

As part of the UK’s largest integrated veterinary group, CVS Referrals offers a variety of exciting opportunities for specialist training in number of disciplines. Completing an accredited residency training programme position is the gateway to becoming a Diplomate and an RCVS recognised veterinary Specialist.

We are proud to say that we currently (December 2023) have 20 residents (Specialists/Diplomates in training) across our small animal referral division and this number is increasing! Current disciplines with residency training programmes include Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Imaging, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology and Surgery. Residents are supported by close to 100 Diplomates across the CVS referrals network and have the opportunity to do externships in partner hospitals and the Laboratory division.

See the map and table below for centres with current running residency programmes.

CVS hospital Location
Bristol Veterinary Specialists Bristol Anaesthesia, Internal medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Surgery, Imaging (starting 2024)
Dovecote Veterinary Hospital Derby Neurology, Surgery
Lumbry park Veterinary Specialists Hampshire Anaesthesia, Imaging, Internal medicine, Neurology, Surgery
Chestergates Veterinary Specialists Chester Cardiology (starting 2024)



Approved residency training programmes are accredited and monitored by their relevant European or American Veterinary Specialist Colleges. Currently most CVS Referral residents are enrolled in European training programmes. The colleges dictate the number of externships and time off for study, which can vary between disciplines. However, externships are fully supported and due to the integrated structure of CVS Group easily arranged. Internal learning and development opportunities, such as imaging rounds also occur.


Each resident has a residency supervisor, who a resident works with directly as well as other members of the service team (vets and nurses). CVS Referrals also has an Internship and Residency Co-ordinator, Sophie Keyte, who helps hospitals locally as required. In addition, the CVS Residency network across all hospitals provides peer to peer support. Many of the friends you make during your 3-year residency remain friends for life!


Residents are supported to complete clinical research by both their direct teams and CVS Director of Clinical research, Imogen Schofield. Publication is an important part of a successful residency and CVS recognise this through providing both financial and statistical support to their residents to help them achieve their residency college requirements. Collaboration between centres of excellence is highly encouraged.

Some recent examples of published residency projects include:

  • A retrospective review of CVS practice lab submissions from both general and referral practice: D’Août C, Taylor SS, Gelendi S, Atkinson C, Defauw P. Bacteriuria in Cystocentesis Samples from Cats in the United Kingdom: Prevalence, Bacterial Isolates, and Antimicrobial Susceptibilities. Animals. 2022 Dec 1;12(23):3384.
  • A collaborative multicentre retrospective study: Brincin C, Payne DJ, Grierson J, Wood P, Robinson WP, Giustino VS, O’Sullivan J, Pilati F, Karydas S, Keeley B, Bright S. The value of routine radiographic follow up in the postoperative management of canine medial patellar luxation. Veterinary Surgery. 2023 Apr;52(3):379-87.


Residency training positions are highly sought after and therefore we advise talking to us early if you are thinking about this career path. If you are interested in a residency with us, please do email us at and sign up to CVS job alerts. You can also check current vacancies or contact one of our specialist hospitals directly.

Entrants to residency programmes must have completed either a rotating internship (preferable and often required), discipline-specific internship or two years in veterinary practice with a predominant caseload of their chosen discipline.

You must also be a qualified veterinary surgeon with a degree registrable with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.


Our current (2023/24) resident’s starting salary is £45,700 in year one, rising to £48,300 in year two, and £51,000 in year three.