Dave Thompson, CVS ReferralsDavid graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1990 and subsequently spent six years in general practice before starting a residency at The University of Bristol.

David then spent a short time at a large multidisciplinary referral centre before moving to Hertforshire to join a veterianry specialist centre, where he was promoted to the role of Director (2003). David remained in in this position until 2016. David has acquired certificates in radiology and small animal surgery, and has a passion for orthopaedic surgery.

David’s specific interests in the orthopaedic field are fracture repair, TPLO surgery, arthroscopy and joint replacement. He has learnt greatly from working alongside some of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in the country. David is a veteran of over 500 total hip replacement surgeries and whilst you never stop learning with regard to this procedure, he has seen and dealt with most variations that can occur.

David considers himself lucky to have worked alongside some of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in the country and has learnt greatly from these interactions.