CVS Group’s first Resident to become a Specialist

CVS Group is delighted to announce that Sergio Gomes, who joined the company in 2017 to embark upon its first residency course, has become an EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology. He is the first Specialist to be trained within the Group from residency to Diploma.

Sergio Gomes trained at Dovecote Veterinary hospital, under the supervision of Veterinary Specialist, Mark Lowrie MA VetMB MVM DipECVN MRCVS, completing the three-year ECVN residency in 2020. He continued to work at the hospital as an integral member of the team, whilst studying for his Diploma exams, which he sat in June 2021.

For Sergio, this lifetime achievement is a goal he has been pursuing for many years. He says:

I became aware that Neurology was a thing as a second-year veterinary student back in Portugal. My little dog called Poti suffered the most severe form of disc disease, progressive myelomalacia and a seed was planted. It has been a long road towards becoming a Specialist, a journey that took me to so many different places and even countries. From the endless nights of my several internships, passing through the hilarious banter in first opinion practices throughout the UK (locum life!), to finally find a welcoming home at Dovecote in little but charming Castle Donington!

I cannot thank enough my family and friends [who] supported me along the way. I also would not have accomplished this without the support and guidance of both my supervisors, [who] gave me the chance of finally realising my professional dream. I am truly happy for having accomplished this alongside the wonderful people working with me at Dovecote and look forward to what the future brings!”

Mark Lowrie, Clinical Director at Dovecote and Sergio’s residency supervisor, said:

“There is something special about working alongside a vet that strives to become the best they can in a given field. Sergio is an inspiration to all around him and he really shows the career progression that is open to all vets that consider work in referral practice. I have learnt lots from him and fully expect him to take larger steps in the profession and help nurture the vets of tomorrow. We are all lucky to work with him and are looking forward to the years ahead”.

CVS Group has been offering a number of approved residency programmes across its referral centres for the past 4 years. The number of residencies and the range of disciplines has been growing and they now offer residencies in surgery, neurology, cardiology, anaesthesia and analgesia, and internal medicine. The programmes allow vets to sit their diploma exams at the end of the residency to become Specialists in their chosen field.

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