New Linear Accelerator installed in Bristol Vet Specialists referrals hospital

Site to provide advanced cancer treatment for pets in South West

CVS Group is installing a state-of-the-art linear accelerator at its Bristol Vet Specialists referrals hospital, due to open this autumn.

It will allow the hospital to offer advanced image-guided radiation treatments for cancer in cats and dogs.

The fully digital Elekta InfinityTM linear accelerator is the only one of its kind for pets in England. It incorporates; an Agility multi-leaf collimator for highly accurate shaping of the radiation beam for all body treatment sites; a HexaPODTM six-degrees-of-freedom couch top[1] which allows the animal to be optimally positioned so radiation doses to critical organs can be significantly reduced and even eliminated; and a Monaco® treatment planning system to enable vets to deliver advanced stereotactic ablative radiotherapy.

The linear accelerator will allow “cutting edge” treatments, for example, stereotactic radiation therapy. Here high dose rates of focused beams are delivered with high precision over a shortened treatment course. This will mean fewer, shorter sessions, fewer side effects and the best possible chance of improved outcomes for the animal. It should improve the quality of life for patients and make it easier for their owners to manage their treatment and aftercare.

Delphine Holopherne-Doran, Clinical Director at Bristol Vet Specialists, said:

“Our new hospital will be at the forefront of cancer care in animals. We are investing in cutting-edge technology to bring cancer treatment in pets to the next level.

 “The linear accelerator is state of the art, and allows us to offer advanced, image-guided radiation treatments – for example intensity-modulated or stereotactic radiation therapy. The advantage to these treatments is that they will allow a more “hard-hitting” treatment of the tumour, with greater safety for the patient’s healthy tissue. It will draw many tumours into the realm of treatability.”

Based at Central Park, Avonmouth, Bristol Vet Specialists referral hospital will offer pioneering treatment to animals who are in need of specialist care. It will act as a centre of excellence in the South West.

Due for completion this Autumn, the centre is currently being custom-built. Its construction includes uniquely designed facilities and the installation of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

The site will employ over 100 highly skilled professionals and will be led by a large team of nationally and internationally-renowned specialist veterinary surgeons, supported by residents, interns and registered veterinary nurses.

They will offer the latest technology and treatments in all disciplines including; general surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and neurosurgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology and dentistry, as well as dedicated anaesthesia, analgesia, diagnostic imaging and intensive care departments.

CVS Group operates across small animal, farm animal, equine, laboratories and crematoria, with 500 veterinary practices and referral centres in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. In the last five years the company has invested nearly £80 million in its sites, facilities and equipment, in addition to industry leading training and support, to give the best possible care to animals.

[1] one of the first in the veterinary radiotherapy treatment field

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