Laurent Garosi is announced winner of the prestigious Bourgelat Award by the BSAVA

Laurent GarosiCongratulations to neurology Specialist, Laurent Garosi, Clinical Director of Vet Oracle Teleradiology, who is to be presented with the highly prestigious Bourgelat Award by the BSAVA as “primary recognition for really outstanding international contributions to the field of small animal practice“.

“Laurent’s scholarly activities have accrued international renown and tremendous respect. His work on both cerebrovascular disease, and phenotypic classification and clinical characteristics of movement disorders in dogs, has progressed the respective fields.

“Laurent is extremely productive in producing papers, presenting his work at national and international scientific meetings, teaching all levels of veterinary professionals both at home and abroad, and has founded and contributed to several prominent and successful electronic media learning forums, as well as proactively sharing information on social media platforms.

“It is without doubt that Laurent has positioned himself well above those in his field at a similar professional stage and he has done so with seemingly tireless productivity and great repose. He is already an internationally respected neurologist and has made an outstanding contribution to the field of small animal practice.”

Laurent will receive the award at the BSAVA Congress, where he will also present a lecture, as part of the Bourgelat prize,looking at the differentiating characteristics of paroxysmal dyskinesia and epileptic seizures, implementing appropriate diagnostic work-up in a cat or a dog with paroxysmal dyskinesia and understanding principles and current knowledge of treatment of paroxysmal dyskinesia.”

Laurent Garosi says: “It gives me immense pride to learn that I am the recipient of the Bourgelat Award for 2022. This was even more so knowing that the prize was named after a fellow French veterinary surgeon, who founded the first veterinary school in the world, in Lyon.

“The journey to this award for me has been about tolerance, diversity and sharing. I came to the UK 25 years ago to start my neurology residency training at the RVC. In those 25 years, I have never felt like a foreigner in the UK. I have been welcomed and accepted, and being the first non-UK European citizen to receive this prize is testimony of that.

“My career has been built with influences gained from surrounding myself with hugely inspirational and talented people, who shared their knowledge and accepted me for who I was. It was important for me, when I reached a certain level in my career, to give back and inspire others in the same way.”

Laurent has published widely in the field of neurology and is a regular speaker on the national and international continuing education circuit. He is past-president of the ECVN, past chief examiner of the ECVN examination committee and co-editor with Simon Platt of the textbook on Small Animal Neurological Emergencies.

Laurent is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Neurology (ECVN), RCVS/European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology and Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon by meritorious contribution to clinical practice. His main clinical and research interests are cerebrovascular diseases, neuro-imaging and feline neurology.

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