Vet Oracle Teleoncology is a remote service, which offers personalised advice and support to help you provide the best possible care to pets with cancer.  

Dealing with cancer in pets can be challenging due to the unpredictability of the disease and the emotional impact this diagnosis can have on owners. The Vet Oracle Teleoncology service provides individualised advice following a thorough review of the medical history and diagnostic test results.

Recommendations can be made regarding staging and treatment approaches. We can offer guidance on chemotherapy protocols and associated toxicity. Our aim is to facilitate the management of these cases at your practice and to help you discuss this topic with owners.

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Sending the clinical history and any diagnostic test results, including cytology and histopathology results, will enable us to give you a more detailed and relevant response to your query. Advice requests are usually answered within 3-7 days.

For any more information about the service, please email